On our next FREE webinar you’ll find out how you can start building your online “real estate” portfolio and great passive income – starting with just $1!

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We have applied our offline Buy, Renovate Sell business strategies to websites, and found that investing in websites that are already established has built our cashflow and business assets faster and easier than ever before.

In this one-hour webinar, we will reveal our 4-Step Formula for buying, renovating and selling websites for profit and show how you can set yourself up with a collection of highly profitable business assets pumping out regular cash, that you can sell off at any time for profit!

It’s a faster, easier and more passive way to build up your income, you can even start out part time.

So if you’re wondering how you can make the most of the new boom and build yourself an “online real estate” portfolio then you can’t miss this webinar!

It’s on this Thursday 17th Feb at 8pm QLD time (9pm NSW/VIC time)

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Liz Raad
Liz Raad

Liz Raad is a leading educator in Digital Marketing and specialises in private training courses on How To Buy Websites and teaching beginners how to earn online income through building a portfolio of money making websites.   Find her on LinkedIn or follow her on Facebook.