Buy And Sell Websites Event Is Awesome!

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Buy and Sell Websites Event

Last month we ran our “How To Buy and Sell Websites” 3-day event and we were excited to share our strategies with over 400 motivated and enthusiastic participants!

At the event we took everyone through our strategies for buying a portfolio of money-making website assets, and revealed how a collection of relatively small sites can add up to a great monthly income – all generated completely online.

Coming from a background in traditional offline business, we are still amazed at how much a high cash-flow online business can generate with no stock, very few staff, and relatively low capital investment.

Buying Websites on FlippaWe also had a full session with the CEO and Business Development Manager of, the worlds biggest and most trusted website marketplace. The feedback from this was incredibly positive, with many attendees feeling far more confident in buying websites after hearing how committed and focused the Flippa team are to making their marketplace the easiest and safest in the world.

Many website owners around the world still don’t even realise that their websites are valuable assets that they can renovate and sell. Our goal is to educate people so they can take advantage of this growing marketplace, plus the more people who realise that they can sell their websites, the more websites will be available on this great marketplace!

As we go forward into 2014 and beyond, we are proud to know that everyone who was in this room is now armed with knowledge and strategies to set themselves up with businesses that will thrive in the future. We have already had several multi-million dollar businesses come out of this event, and we can’t wait to see who will be next!

Buying and Selling Websites for Instant Income

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In this short video, Matt and Liz Raad talk about buying and selling websites for instant income and long-term virtual real estate assets.

Did you know that we are in a boom – an online real estate boom where websites are being traded (or flipped) just like real estate or traditional businesses. We are running a series of live events and webinars on this exciting topic (see below for some details) where we will open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunites available through buying and sellling websites. In these presentations we will give you the strategies and resources you need to take advantage of the virtual real estate boom.
Through our background of being involved in the buying and selling of traditional businesses we came to see the fantastic potential and leverage of buying and selling online businesses. Consider some of the big advantages of buying websites compared with buying traditional bricks and mortar businesses (or even real estate)…

Why Buy Websites:

  • Very low entry costs
  • No stock
  • No staff
  • Easy to leverage
  • Automated
  • High return on investment
  • High profit margins
  • Can be very attractive to big website buyers if set up correctly
  • Very exciting!

Buying and selling websites is just like buying and selling any other assets – its the same business principles in place, it just seems to move a lot quicker which means the money can come a lot quicker!

In our upcoming Buy and sell websites presentations we are going to share with you :

  • Our unique website buying criteria
  • What websites to buy
  • where to find websites to buy
  • How to value websites so you can profit from the bargains
  • Our top 3 quick fixes or website “makeovers”
  • How you can ensure that you are building a valuable long term online asset
  • Our number one secret to selling your website for top dollar!

Learn first hand how to buy websites

We are presenting a number of events about how to buy websites over the coming months.

Buying and selling websites Queensland events:

Wednesday 1 February – 12 – 2pm, or 6 – 8 pm, at Rydges Southbank, 9 Glenelg St, Brisbane


Thursday 2 February – 12 – 2pm, or 6 – 8 pm, at The Grand Chancellor Hotel, Hanlan Street, Surfers Paradise.

Seating is limited and we are already booking up fast, so CLICK HERE to reserve your place

Buying and selling websites Melbourne event:

For those of you in Melbourne we are very excited to be giving a very special presentation on our strategies at the up-coming World Internet Summit next month (February 9-12).

The World Internet Summit will feature14 of the world’s best internet marketers (including Matt and Liz Raad!) who will all share our latest internet strategies and knowledge. This event is a great way to keep your finger on the pulse – you need to know what’s working and selling on the internet in 2012.

Make sure you CLICK HERE now to check it out as this event will fill up.

Buying Websites at Success Speed

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We had an awesome time at Brett McFall's Success Speed event where we presented our new buying websites strategies!

A big congratulations to Brett and Kate for a successful event, and for raising $40,000 for the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors – it was fantastic to meet Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin live at the event and hear about the incredible work they do for the wildlife of Australia.

We also enjoyed hearing from the other speakers who all had amazing strategies for faster online success. If you want to know more about our new website buy and renovate strategies, check out our free webinar by entering you name and email at the top right of this page.

Looking forward to meeting you at an event soon!





Matt and Liz Raad – The Talk of Australia

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Your promise to deliver The Secrets of How to Buy and Sell Websites was honoured
100% and MORE.

Today your amazing energy and knowledge is spreading like wild fire throughout Australia.

From stage your eyes must have been dazzled by all the light bulbs going off from the spell bound 200 plus attendees of your 3 day seminar.

Your ears must be red hot and burning because Matt and Liz are in our conversations and thoughts. Sometimes as whispers keeping you our secret, other times shouting your names to the heavens, finally two down to earth true blue Aussies, crikey you’re even the experts on Kangaroos.

Every conversation I heard was filled with absolute praise for your generosity of time and knowledge.

I regularly attend seminars on self  development, property and internet marketing (sadly it’s part
of my social life) and I have NEVER experienced the awe and love that every one had for the both of you.

You have and are something very, very, very special (using a pun from the weekend).

If I was asked to describe my personal experience of the last 3 days in just one word, it would be DYNAMIC and this would still not really do you and your seminar justice.

I can say this because I saw attendees in the streets, at dinner and the airport. If we did not actually
recognise each others faces or had made personal contact during the 3 days we could tell each other apart from the crowd by the sparkle in the eyes, the slight knowing smile AND the biggest give away was the light bulb hovering around the head that was not just bright and shiny but SPARKING.

If any one walked away from your 3 days without at least one idea welling up inside of them, then their temperature needs to be checked to see if they’re still alive.

Personally I have 89 jamb packed pages of pure, life altering notes, ideas and examples.

I had a major light bulb experience which woke me at 5am this morning and have commenced action.

All of this delivered without any Ra Ra hype. We didn’t need to do massages or stretches to keep
us awake.

Your non stop delivery of fact had us gob smacked.

Your examples of the good, the bad and the ugly websites that have sold, with full explanations on each, certainly opened our eyes as to what is possible for us at any level of experience.

Without giving away too much, the magic numbers to aim for and how to plug up the holes …

The rags to riches stories that are happening right here, right now set off the light bulbs for so many of us.

Matt and Liz Raad you are True Blue Aussie Entrepreneurs.

To say thank you seems so ho hum, but what else can I say except a very, very, very heart felt

Sue Elliott

Special Presentation Fast Forward Your Business

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As business advisors we are very excited to be special guest presenters at the upcoming Roger Hamilton “Fast Forward Your Business” event in Brisbane.

This special event is about powerful new business ideas and preparing yourself and your business for the future and about taking advantage of the upcoming global changes that will affect all of us in business.

Read more about it…

Roger Hamilton is a business visionary and leader and at this event he takes us through what our economy, technologies and customer’s habits will look like in the next 5 years. Roger shows us that they are changing rapidly and you need to be ready to profit from these and the global changes that are taking place.

In the coming years, your customers will:

  • buy differently
  • pay differently
  • be served differently and
  • have entirely different expectations on what they want and how they want it.

If you are interested in learning about the best new business ideas:

  • The Top 10 business trends that will make or break your business in the next 5 years
  • How to future proof your business for future success
  • Immediate steps and powerful new business ideas to profit now from the changes taking place.
  • Finding out how, if you don’t start taking action, your competitors will accelerate their businesses ahead by building their teams and harnessing resources differently, promote and partner differently and transform the way they make money.
  • And much more….

Then make sure you come along and learn from Roger Hamilton and ourselves (Matt and Liz Raad)!

Simply click here for more details…

Roger Hamilton will also have several key guest speakers (including Liz and I) from all areas of industry who are focused on making one heck of a difference in their business and to the people they work with, and they will also be sharing with you their most profitable business ideas for the future years ahead.

If you are interested in coming along, then you can book now at:

We look forward to seeing you there!
Matt and Liz Raad

Can You Really Buy A Website For $1?

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On our next FREE webinar you’ll find out how you can start building your online “real estate” portfolio and great passive income – starting with just $1!

Click Here To Find Out More

We have applied our offline Buy, Renovate Sell business strategies to websites, and found that investing in websites that are already established has built our cashflow and business assets faster and easier than ever before.

In this one-hour webinar, we will reveal our 4-Step Formula for buying, renovating and selling websites for profit and show how you can set yourself up with a collection of highly profitable business assets pumping out regular cash, that you can sell off at any time for profit!

It’s a faster, easier and more passive way to build up your income, you can even start out part time.

So if you’re wondering how you can make the most of the new boom and build yourself an “online real estate” portfolio then you can’t miss this webinar!

It’s on this Thursday 17th Feb at 8pm QLD time (9pm NSW/VIC time)

Click Here To Register Now

See you there!

NEW Buy And Sell Websites Workshop

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We are very excited about our first workshop this year as we’ll be revealing our strategies for making money from buying and selling websites.

There will be lots of money made over the next few years in this is a booming market, so it’s well worth learning how to take advantage of this unique time in history.

CLICK HERE to find out more

There are a limited number of complimentary tickets available, so make sure you book in now! The workshop is on 4th-6th March 2011 at Q1 Resort and Spa in Surfers Paradise.

To reserve your seat now, click here and use the ticket code “MattAndLiz”